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Narrative therapy & evidence based practice create positive environments.

Dr. Kelley A. Conrad, a University of Phoenix full-time academic faculty member, Dr. Susanne Beier, LPC, NCC, NCCC, lead Full Time Development Faculty, University of Phoenix School of Advanced Studies , and Dr. Barbara Shambaugh, RN and Nursing Consultant,  presented a counseling and teaching practice model in their paper, Narrative therapy and Evidence Based Practice Create Positive Counselling Environments. 

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Helping new college grads find success in the workplace

New college graduates approach the job market with feelings of excitement and anticipation. Weighing any possible job offers and accepting that first special position are just a couple of the first milestones new graduates face. Career counselors need to remind these “new employee” clients that their earned degree may have helped them in landing the job — but now, the next step is to keep the job and move up the career ladder.

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