Beier Counseling Services

Career, Educational and Life Skills Counseling

When You are ready, We are here

* Zoom/telemed/phone sessions are now available on a regular basis. Nervous about leaving your home? Then stay in the safety and comfort of your own home and call our office to schedule. We want to make sure that EVERYONE has access to counseling during this time.

Beier Counseling Services offer counseling on an individual, couple, and family level.  Often, the goal to total well-being may involve one or more of these dynamics to achieve the healthiest outcome for ourselves. We also address PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, Grief, ADHD and custody counseling. BCS is staffed by licensed and certified practitioners, guaranteeing clients the highest quality of services addressing both individual and community needs.

Just like any health regimen, how much counseling we may need depends on how we accept change and incorporate the healthy new lifestyle into our lives.  When you are ready, we are here.



This type of counseling involves one person coping with issues that are affecting their overall well-being.  Anxiety, Aggression, Depression, and other personal issues.

Beier Counseling Services can offer support and guidance through difficult challenges.  Why carry the burden alone, let us help guide you to calm waters in turbulent tides.


The family dynamic is one that can be strongly affected by negative stresses from each member.  Areas of family unity, roles, structure, and communication can become diminished.

Beier Counseling Services has the tools to address many of the issues that families face in order to bring harmony and healthy co-existence for all members.


Every couple goes through phases of ups and downs.   Are there issues that can't get resolved?  Are there unresolved problems and hurt feelings that haven’t been healed?

Beier Counseling Services can help couples stop the stagnation and downward spiral of their relationship and bring back the happiness that sparked their relationship in the first place.

Life doesn't have to be filled with challenges, but when it is, having professional guidance to clear the degree for personal growth may be needed.  Take the next step in achieving total well-being and schedule an appointment towards improving your overall health.